Bath and Body Works will Open a Canadian Online Store Soon

About time!

My best friend complained to me in early 2020, during the first lockdown in Ontario, that she’d run out of her favourite candle and had to shop on the store’s American site, paying shipping from the US, to get more candles. Obviously, it wasn’t the end of the world but it was annoying, considering the company, Bath and Body Works, has physical stores all over the province.

Well, the company has announced that one of its resolutions for 2021 is to get an online Canadian store!


Bath and Body Works Canada shared an illustration on Instagram which shows a pie chart of their resolution for the new year. The largest slice (about 1/3 of the pie) is “CANADIAN ONLINE STORE”.

No date was attached to the announcement but the sooner the better! Scented candles is one of the “small luxuries” that people are turning to during the pandemic, along with splurging on skin care.