Beaverton Mom Charged After Social Media Video Shows Toddler Behind the Wheel

Video Reportedly Shows Neither Mom or 3-year-old Were Wearing Seatbelts Either

A mom in Beaverton is in hot water with the law after letting her kid take the wheel, according to Durham Regional Police. Too bad her kid was 3-years-old. Police were tipped off late last month, about a few social media videos a 33-year-old mom posted, reportedly showing a few times when the woman was driving at high speeds with her 3-year-old in her lap, steering the car. Adding to that, the video reportedly shows neither had seatbelts or safety restraints on, and the whole thing was filmed on a cellphone she was holding. Investigators were able to identify the woman in the video and track her down. Distracted Driving charge laid on top of a Fail to Provide Necessities of Life offense, along with a few other infractions to be answered to in court.