Beer Company Accidentally Names Itself After Pubic Hair!

Perhaps a little research would have helped!

The brewery is in Western Canada and is now apologizing after it unwittingly named a beer product after the Maori word for public hair!


Hell’s Basement Brewery in Alberta started to market its new brand named Huruhuru, a New Zealand craft ale last year. The brewery picked the name because it understood the word meant ‘feather’ or ‘fur.’


A local of New Zealand and the Kiwi indigenous community caught wind of the beer and quickly pointed out the massive error. ‘Yes I know Huruhuru means feather, fur, and even hair of the head,’ he wrote in a Facebook post on August 1. ‘I know this. But it is most commonly used as hair from a person’s privates.’


The man called out the Brewery saying, “don’t call beer pubic hair unless you make it with pubic hair.”  Fair Point!


The company has apologized after being accused of cultural appropriation!