Believe It Or Not, Many People Really Enjoy Doing This…

Who wants to join the club!

New research by chain brand Hilton Garden Inn found that of those asked, 72% of people really do enjoy ironing! 

With those 72% saying that ironing gives them the greatest pleasure as its very therapeutic.  43% said it allows them to stand still for a while and the calming repetitive strokes puts them at ease…

40% of those asked say the soothing sound of the steam is what really does it for them..

There’s now a whole club dedicated to ironing courtesy of the Hilton Garden Inn. 

To give the people what they want, Hilton Garden Inn has launched its Ironing Club, designed to help people looking to unwind. Those attending can expect a relaxation expert to teach them to breathe in time with the iron, glide it in slow motion, inhale the smell of fresh laundry, and iron in sync. Anyone is welcome and you can even wear PJs if you so wish.