Ben Affleck Tells All In A New Interview!

No pun here, just really interesting stuff!

Ben Affleck is on the road promoting his new film “The Way Back” and sat down for a VERY open interview with the New York Times.

Affleck revealed that he was supposed to direct “The Batman” spinoff, which is currently headed by Matt Reeves. He was supposed to continue on his role as the caped crusader but stepped down due to fears of his alcoholism returning.

Affleck also shed light on what felt like “the biggest regret of his life” which was his separation from Jennifer Garner.

He says his best performance and favorite is his upcoming role in The Way Back.

He said the script has many parallels to his own life, and actually broke down on set after a VERY tough scene.

Props to Ben for being as honest as possible, won him some huge points in my book!

Check out the trailer below! The Way Back hits theatres March 6.