Best Friends Become… Sisters? (And Not IN A GROSS WAY)

It's everyone's dream come true.

Imagine looking at your best friend and learning YOU’RE RELATED!

First of all, that would be dope. I love my best bud.

Second of all, WHAT HOW ARE WE RELATED!?!

This is what happened to Toya Wimberly, and Ashley Thomas.

The pair had been friends for 17 years. They met in middle school in Philly.

Ashley had learned that her father, was not her biological father about 15 years ago.

Latoya and her father were pictured recently at her engagement party, and that’s when the wheels started to CLICK!

Photos were posted of Ashley by Latoya and her father.

They did some DNA testing, and BOOM!

They’re SISTERS!

Isn’t that AMAZING?

“oh we’re best friends, and now we’re siblings!”.

Dream come true for the pair.