BEWARE: New Halloween Treats Are Coming!

These Skittles aren't going to taste like a rainbow...

I’m starting to actually believe there is a zombie apocalypse coming.

The Walking Dead Season 9 premiere last week attracted over 6 million viewers, making it the #1 cable TV Show so far this season.

Barrie Paintball is even currently hosting The Zombie Gladiator RunThey have built an entire “Sin City” on their property, and now the Zombie’s have taken over. You can either run through the city for ‘fun’, or compete for prizes.

Why not have zombie Halloween treats? Skittles has launched a new flavour called, Zombie Skittles. You’ll get a mouthful of delicious typical Skittles but some will taste like rotten zombie. Now I’m sitting here wondering what rotten zombie flavour tastes like. Is it like a cheese that’s gone bad? Or chocolate that has past its due date?


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Wow @marswrigleyconfectionery has a lot of new products coming and here’s one I’m excited for- Zombie Skittles 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️. “Beware! Most taste delicious but some taste like rotten Zombie!”. The zombie apocalypse hadn’t occurred yet so I’m really curious what rotten zombie tastes like 🤔 So Skittles is jumping in on the gross candy wagon. Fun for kids and pranksters.. not sure I wanna sit and enjoy a few and get hit with a rotten zombie in my mouth. But of course I HAVE to know what they taste like. Image found @marswrigleyconfectionery web site… sorry I don’t have any other info to offer. What would you guess the flavor of Rotten Zombie is? #skittles #marswrigleyconfectionery #skittleszombie #zombieskittles #zombies #rottenzombie #tastethezombie #skittleszombiepox #zombiepox #barfboogersdirtsocks #grosscandy #walkingdead #walkingzombies #beware #junkfood #comingsoon

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Oreo Cookies jumped into the Halloween fun too!


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This OREO cookie goes out to our 3,118,033 #zombies who can smell the Halloween treats from 6 feet under 🎃.

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