Bieber is in trouble for headbutting a guy.

Justin Bieber Unharmed After Heroically Stopping Menacing Fan With Head!

Reports are flooding in that child prodigy Justin Bieber is safe and unharmed after breaking up a nefarious privacy invasion scheme with his head.

TMZ was first on the scene to report the heroic actions of Canada’s own musical trendsetter-turned-viligante crimefighter. The incident allegedly occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning at an alleged L.A. fine Italian eatery, where a pre-Grammy party was being hosted by an alleged man named ‘Poo Bear’.


Eyewitnesses say that Bieber was ‘Wrasslin’ with friend and Disney boy Kyle Massey, when a predatory fan began filming the intimate display of male bonding. Bieber, sensing danger, intervened with his head and put a stop to the reckless attack.


Police arrived at the scene to restore order and commend the brave celebrity. No awards for valour and/or merit have been announced at this time, but we will update as the story unfolds.