Blue Jays Make a Dream Come True for Stayner’s Raymond Hardisty

Blue Jays Announcer Buck Martinez surprised Raymond in life-changing moment

Blue Jays Make Dreams Come True for Stayner Resident

Watch the Toronto Blue Jays surprise Stayner’s Raymond Hardisty if you need a good ol’ smile today

Posted by Koolfmbarrie on Thursday, July 26, 2018

Raymond Hardisty walked into work at the Stayner Dairy Queen annoyed because his dad made him late. What Raymond didn’t realize was the surprise waiting for him once he stepped inside. The lifelong Blue Jays fan spent the morning talking to his dad about announcer Buck Martinez.

“We were watching Uncle Buck and talking about Buck and the Blue Jays, we thought it was funny. I wondered if he was an uncle. This is a amazing.”

When Raymond arrived for work he was surprised by Jays mascot Ace who passed him the phone, on the other end…Buck Martinez of course. “Wow, it was unreal.” Raymond was told he had been selected to throw the first pitch on Dairy Queen’s Miracle Treat Day. “Speaking with Buck was, wow, it was amazing.”

Raymond gets to throw the first pitch on August 8th and get a behind-the-scenes look at the team he loves. It’s in recognition for Raymond’s relentless contributions to the Children’s Miracle Network over the past decade.

Raymond has raised over $30,000 alone

Why do you raise so much money for sick kids? Raymond says he does it so kids can spend less time in hospitals hooked up to machines and more time at home being kids. “They are our future and should be outside enjoying life.” Raymond knows from experience how difficult it can be. He spent a lot of time at SickKids since diagnosed with leukemia at age four. Raymond received a bone marrow transplant a year later and was then diagnosed with graft versus host disease. The money he raises goes to the Children’s Miracle Network.