Bob Marley’s Family Is Releasing A New Version of ‘One Love’ In Support Of UNICEF

Coming on July 17th!

Bob Marley‘s universal message of “One Love” will be used to raise money for UNICEF’s support of kids affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Members of Marley’s family, as well as other still-to-be-announced musicians and artists from around the globe, are releasing a new version of the song on July 17.


All proceeds will go directly to Reimagine, UNICEF’s campaign to help kids whose lives have been upended by effects of the coronavirus, such as school closings, food shortages, and disruptions to medical supply chains.

Every dollar donated by the public will be matched by the jewelry company Pandora, up to $1 million.  Among other things, the money will be used to provide hygiene kits, PPE, soap, masks, and gloves to kids and their families.