Bon Jovi Would Have Been Releasing New Music Today If Not For COVID-19.

The new album is titled Bon Jovi: 2020, and it was originally scheduled to come out today.

Bon Jovi said that he and the band made the decision to push the release date back because “it didn’t feel right,” to release the album during the coronavirus outbreak. 

The reason for canceling the tour, however, is a different story. “The reason that we canceled instead of postponing it for a year was because I was very aware that folks are gonna need that money,” Bon Jovi says. “That that money’s gonna help with rent or groceries and credit card bills in this time of uncertainty.”


Bon Jovi and his wife are busy with their efforts to feed the hungry, this time to the people of east Hampton NJ.

This week, the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, founded in 2006, announced the formation of the JBJ Soul Kitchen Food Bank to service six East End food pantries.