Booze Filled Christmas Crackers are now available!

Finally a Christmas Crack for Adults!

The same company that has produced Alcoholic Advent Calendars ( Drinks by the Dram) are stepping up their game with gin-filled Christmas crackers..

Just like a regular christmas cracker, you pull; someone wins! Out comes a mini bottle of gin, a paper crown and a crappy joke. Apparently the jokes are quite dirty- perfecto!

To keep it interesting, a box of six crackers include different kinds of gin. Bathtub Gin, Cream Gin, Origin Perugia Italy-1897 Guinine Gin, Moonshine Kid, Bathtub Gin – Old Tom and Wolf’s Nose Gin.

This crackers are pricey, currently retailing for 31.99 in British Ponds… Double that here! If you’re not a gin drinker, you can also buy Whisky, Spirit and Liqueur and Premium Whisky- if you’re fancy!