Booze infused Spa

Your feet with be drunk!

Toronto’s Stillwater Spa has recently added a beer pedicure to their menu. Intrigued? We were too. The Cool as Cuke pedicure, is described by Stillwater’s Spa Director Krista Foulis as “a classic spa pedicure with a twist.” The treatment features Muskoka Brewery’s Cool as Cuke infused brew and a cucumber scrub using beer grains from the Brewery. The best part? You can sip on the cold drink while being pampered.

This practise may be new to Ontario, but its not new to the World!

“In Europe, beer spas have existed for years, where treatments include massages using hop oils, and even baths filled with beer.”

“Unfiltered beer, like Cool As Cuke, is packed with vitamins and minerals, like vitamin B, calcium, and magnesium…[it can even] make your hair shinier.”