Bottle Hotdog Water Anyone?

Found at a festival in Vancouver, patrons were stunned to find the latest in “healthy food and drink” trend.

Bottle water with a hotdog in it! At this festival, there was a vendor tent and visitors could try complimentary samples of the breakthrough health drink.

According to an information brief from the company, hot dog water is not only keto compatible but can aid in weight loss, increased brain function, increased vitality, and it can help the drinker look younger.

Other “breakthrough” benefits of the beverage included:

• Aiding your body’s ability to access calcium channel receptors in your heart.
• Increasing the body’s metabolic demand to help you burn weight “quickly and efficiently”
• Balancing the state of your body’s multicellular organisms, thus helping you achieve “max capacity for biological defences”

if you need all these

Health benefits will cost you $37.99!