Boy Finds Missing Lego Piece Up His Nose Two Years Later!

Two years after having a Lego stuck in his nose, a New Zealand boy found the missing piece.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Mudassir Anwar’s 7-year-old son, Sameer, lost a piece of Lego in 2018, telling his parents that he had put it up his nose. However, when he was taken to the doctor’s, they were unable to find the lost piece. In addition, the young boy said he didn’t feel any discomfort so his parents let it be.

How did he find it? All it took was a cupcake! Sameer took a big whiff of a cupcake to smell the goodness he was about to eat when he felt a pain in his nose. He blew his nose with the help of his mother and the lego piece flew out!


Just goes to show that cupcakes make everything better!