Boys Get More Allowance than Girls

Boys earn twice as much.

According to an analysis of rates on the allowance platform BusyKid, boys are getting more allowance than girls. And the difference is not just a little: boys get, on average, $13.80 a week while girls get less than half at $6.71.

These numbers come from the analysis of millions of transactions on BusyKid, which helps parents track and pay their kids for doing chores like helping with dinner, folding laundry and even doing personal care like brushing and flossing.

BusyKid Chief Executive Gregg Murset has posited that maybe the gap comes from paying boys to do personal grooming while girls don’t seem to need that incentive to stay clean.


Do you give your kids allowance? How do you decide how much they get? Do your boys get more than your girls?

Image: Angie Six / Flikr “Personal Finance for Kids”