Bride and Groom Invite their Grandmas to be Flower Girls

How cute is this???

When Maggie and Josh Wakefield of Lancaster, Pennsylvania first started dating, they bonded over their close relationships with their Grandmothers. “I knew I really wanted to involve my grandmother because she’s like my second mother – she helped raise my sister and me throughout our entire lives,” Maggie told People.


So when it was time to get hitched, they wanted to honour them in a special way. Instead of asking them to give speeches or walk down the aisle like most couples, Maggie thought of a creative idea… Having them as flower girls! When she told her fiance Josh,  “He was totally on board.”

The couple surprised their grandmas with a “Flower Girl Proposal” of sorts, presenting them with baskets full of flowers. “They both accepted and we were just so happy we couldn’t believe it,” Maggie said.

For their wedding on June 11th, Maggie also honoured her late Father in a special way, including his photo on her bouquet.


We wish the happy new couple a lifetime of love and happiness!

What’s the most unique twist on a tradition you’ve seen at a wedding?


Images via Ashley Elizabeth Photography