Bring the Kids to Meet Your Barrie Firefighters, It Could Prove Vital One Day

Show The Wee Ones What Firefighters Look Like In Full Gear

You and the kids have an open invitation to visit the Fire Hall, and it could come in handy someday.

The Barrie Fire Service is encouraging you to get your kids familiar with what a firefighter looks like when they’ve got all their equipment on.

Barrie Fire Prevention Officer Samantha Hoffman says children should know what to expect, if the worst were to occur:

“It’s really important that when children are young, to take the time, and see who it is behind the mask, and teach them that firefighters are there to help. Because in a scary situation, they need to know someone is going to get them out, and that person is going to be dressed differently.”

Hoffman says everyone is welcome to visit any of the city’s five fire halls to meet the firefighters that work there. Unless they’re out on a call, of course. Hoffman adds bigger groups can book a tour.