Britney Spears Went To Target 80 Times Last Year!

Britney Spears Spent $400k on Expenses in 2018, Including 80 Trips to Target

Britney Spears made a lot of money in 2018, and she also spent a lot – especially at Target.   A detailed breakdown of Brit’s finances have seen the light of day thanks to The Blast.

Britney’s money matters are out there because of her conservatorship case.  The website reports as of the end of 2018, she was worth nearly $60 million, and with all that cash coming in from her Piece of Me Tour, she had a little fun with it.

Britney spent $400,000 on expenses. There were 80 trips to Target last year, as well as numerous stops at Home Depot and the supermarket chain Ralphs. Household supplies added up to more than $66,000, according to The Blast. Travel expenses checked in at $70,000.

Britney hasn’t been in complete control of her finances since about a decade ago when her father assumed legal responsibility after a few public meltdowns.

TMZ reported in May that Britney asked a judge to give her more freedom to make decisions.