Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast Donated $100,000 To Bail Protesters Out of Jail


Co-creator of the popular show took to Twitter to condemn the death of George Floyd, another unarmed black man killed at the hands of Minneapolis police.

“The cast and showrunner of ‘Brooklyn 99’ condemn the murder of George Floyd and support the many people who are protesting police brutality nationally. Together we have made a $100,000 donation to The National Bail Fund Network. We encourage you to look up your local bail fund: the National Bail Fund Network is an organization that can lead you to them. #blacklivesmatter.”

Stephanie Beatriz, who plays Get. Rosa Diaz also made a personal donation and urged her fellow actors to do the same.

“I’m an actor who plays a detective on tv,” she tweeted. “If you currently play a cop? If you make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in residuals from playing a cop? I’ll let you do the math.”

The show has completed its sixth season.  The series was canceled by Fox in 2018 but shortly thereafter NBC picked it up. Season seven is set to air in 2021-2022.