Buddy the ‘Elf’ Monopoly is Coming

If you don't like it, you're a cotton-headed ninny muggins!

If you’re in search of things that bring comfort and joy, than Christmas movies might be the answer. Especially the Will Ferrell classic, “Elf.”

USAopoly is set to release an Elf themed version of Monopoly.

The game comes with 6 tokens to use to mark your spot on the board. Obviously maple syrup will be the most popular.

The game properties include; Gimbels Toy Shop, Santa’s Workshop and the Lincoln Tunnel. Which as you remember was on Buddy’s journey to New York City to find his Dad.

Elf Monopoly can be played while watching Elf and drinking hot chocolate but I wouldn’t recommend spaghetti with maple syrup!

Amazon is carrying the game and they’re likely to sell fast once they become available near the end of October.