Buffets Could Be Banned, Along With Other Changes To Our Lives Because of COVID-19

Things will look very different

When we finally see life return to normal, it will be a totally different normal!  Better than what we’ve all been experiencing lately, but are you prepared for what’s to come?


Social distancing will still be in place for a while, public gatherings still limited, and no concerts or major sporting events will happen until 2021 with crowds, says officials.

But other of life’s little pleasures may also not return for a long time, like your favour buffet, shared jugs of water at tables, and laminated menus.

When traveling on an airplane, masks and gloves may become mandatory.  When staying at a hotel, in-room dining service my be your only option.


These are all discussions being had in Australia as that country attempts to create a safe new normal.  Until a vaccine is found or medication for the coronavirus, the question on every government’s minds, is how to keep its citizens safe.


Watching how other countries begin to open their economies, could give us Canadians an indication of what’s to come..