Burger King Introduces The Dogpper!

What a Doggone good idea!

Burger King has just unveiled a new meal deal that comes with a treat for your fur baby.  Included in the bag is the Dogpper which is the first flame grilled bone offered at BK for your best friend, according to their press release!

Let’s face it- its hard to enjoy your Whooper when your dog is staring at you with those cute puppy eyes… You feel guilty for not sharing… No more guilt now as Burger King said the offer is a way for customers to enjoy their order at home without interruption from their begging pets.

“This dog-friendly alternative to the Whopper sandwich is a bone-shaped treat with flame-grilled beef taste for the dogs of these generous owners,” Burger King said in a news release.

Guests who order a Whopper sandwich will receive one dog bone for free.  If will only be available through Home Delivery services!   

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