Burger King Pre-Printing Face Masks With Orders Written On Them!

Just walk in with your order written all over your face!

When we speak, we now know that we can potentially spread droplets of the coronavirus, according to medical experts.


That being said, this has inspired a new promotion from Burger King.  The burger chain has found a way to let people order food without talking at all!


They have introduced printed face masks with orders written on them!

Customers can order the masks by commenting on posts on Burger King’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Commandez "safe" avec votre masque personnalisé. Demandez le vôtre en commentaire.

Posted by Burger King Belgique on Monday, August 10, 2020

This promotion appears to be only for those in Belgium, at least for now.

Burger King has been trying to capitalize on this pandemic including a social distancing Whopper with three times as many onions to keep people away!