Burger Kings Presents “Ghost Whopper” With White, Cheddar- Infused buns!

It's Spooky!

Remember last year when Burger Kings brought us the jet-black Halloween Whopper and the green-tinted “Nightmare Ring Burger.”

Just in time for Halloween 2019- Burger King brings us something we can all relate too… A sandwich with pasty white buns!

The Burger Chain announced Monday that they are releasing its New “Ghost Burger” -It’s a white, white-Cheddar-Flavoured Bun!

As part of its campaign for the new Ghost Whopper, Burger King hired a psychic named Riz Mirza — describing him as “a medium of international renown” — for an ad campaign in which he “channels” the spirits of the dead to taste-test the new offering.

The new item will only be available for a limited time at 10 select locations in Detroit, Memphis, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, Savannah, Summerville, S.C., and New Orleans. No word if it will come to Canada!