Bust Out Those Christmas Lights Now- Sciences Says Its Good For You!

Tis the season!

Yes, we’re still two weeks from Halloween and usually Christmas lights don’t go up until after; however, if you love to decorate- science says go a head and do it!

Experts  say that people who decorate earlier are simply tapping into the excitement of the holidays before the rest of us — which makes them happier.  Science says that the bright lights and colours help trigger those happy hormones!

There’s also the nostalgia factor, as for a lot of us, Christmas is a magical time, its a time for innocence and joy!  If your childhood memories were happy ones, you’re more likely to try and recreate that feeling around the holiday.

Here’s another reason to decorate early.  Your neighbours might think you’re friendlier!  Research has shown that people think Christmas decorations on a home means that the people who live there are more sociable!