Butcher Saved By His Own Sausage!

Blood Sausage Saves the Day!

It was Black puddling that saved the man’s life when a butcher used it to free himself from a Locked freezer.

Chris McCabe said he thought he was going to die when he got locked in his walk-in freezer which stores meat at -20c. It’s said that you can freeze to death in temperatures that cold without proper clothing within 30 minutes. Even the emergency escape button had frozen over.

So Chris grabs what he could and tried to break the door open with frozen meat. He first tried to use frozen duck; then ground meat-but both weren’t strong enough…

Chris says he used the black pudding aka blood sausage like police you a battering ram to break the doors lock!

In case you want to buy a frozen block of black pudding, you know; for emergencies- its supplied by Royal butcher HM Sheridan of Ballaster- its 31 pounds, so it could do some serious damage!