Buy a Piece of Shawshank Redemption History

But wait... $130 for a bottle opener?

The tree from the final scene of the 1994 movie, Shawshank Redemption, had to be cut down in April. But that doesn’t mean it’s dead and gone. Someone has turned the remains of the tree into a series of merchandise being sold this weekend only!

These items range from a $40 magnet to a $500 shadow box featuring a copy of the note written by Andy to Red from the final scene of the movie. If you’re in Mansfield, Ohio on Saturday, you can purchase these items at the Shawshank Hustle. It’s a 7K race connected by some of the filming locations from the movie.

If you can’t make the trip down to Ohio this weekend, don’t worry! If there are remaining items leftover, they will be sold via the company’s website.

CC Image Courtesy of Tom Hart via Flickr