Buy Socks from the Library!

A great gift for the bookworm in your life.

If you have a pile of books on your bedside table plus more on your eReader… if your home needs to have at least one bookshelf filled with books to feel right… you might just be a bookworm.

If that’s the case, these socks are for you!

The Barrie Public Library is selling “If you can read this /Bring me my book” socks. They are $20 a pair, available in Navy, Teal, Lime or Mango with proceeds going towards the library’s programs and services.


And, while you’re at it, you might want to pick up some extra pairs for the other bookworms in your life.

Buy yours at the front desk in either branch of the Barrie Public Library, today!

Speaking of books…

We were talking about books, right? I know you can never have too many book recommendations so, HERE‘s a list of books I love to recommend. I haven’t updated that list in a while so I’ll add, here, that I’ve been reading the Inspector Gamache series from Lousie Penny on my eReader, borrowing books from the Barrie Public through CloudLibrary (so handy!) and I really enjoy them. I’ve always loved police procedural and this Canadian series was recommended as an “easy read” during the lockdown.

And HERE are the books that were part of Simcoe Reads this summer. Have you read them, yet? If not, you’re missing out!

Happy reading… in your new socks!


Image: Jocelyn Martin/Twitter