Calgary Couple Defy 1:15 Million Odds of Having Identical Quadruplets

Mom (Bethani Webb) says while hard to tell apart they have distinct personalities

Back in December, Bethani and Tim Webb of Alberta were shocked to discover that- without help from fertility drugs- they were going to become parents of quadruplets! Tim almost fainted while Bethani was convinced that the doctor had made a mistake…

On May 6, they made their grand entrance. The girls, born at 33 weeks, defied 1:15 million odds and are IDENTICAL!


The babies- ranging from 3 pounds to 4 pounds 1 ounce- were airlifted to Edmonton’s Royal Alexandra Hospital. Other than jaundice there (which has since cleared) there were no health issues, and now at two months old they are healthy and growing (…fast!)

Webb 3  The community of Hythe has come together to support the family, with tons of donations as well as a fundraiser to help buy them a minivan!!!Webb 8

While difficult to tell apart, Mom says that each baby has their own personality. And they’ve been assigned different coloured nailpolish to help tell them apart!


Images via Facebook