California Family’s Missing Cat Found In Guelph

Who Knows What This Cat Has Seen?

BooBoo the cat went missing four years ago in Watsonville, California and has recently turned up in Guelph, Ontario. The cat was brought into Guelph’s humane society earlier in March. After finding a microchip in a routine scan, it was quickly discovered that the cat belonged to a family in California.

To put things into perspective, this cat traveled over 4000 km (a 40 hour drive) from its home.

Melissa Stolz, a staff member at the humane society in Guelph, assumed that BooBoo’s family moved to Canada without changing the information on the microchip. When the humane society contacted BooBoo’s family, however, they discovered the owners were still in the U.S.

“She came in in wonderful condition, she’s been very well taken care of and had no problems at all,” reported Stolz. “So, clearly there was someone out there who was taking care of her.”

How did BooBoo find her way to southern Ontario? The answer is unknown, but Stolz said it’s a possibility that the cat jumped on a transport truck or other vehicle without being noticed. Another theory is that someone found her as a stray and brought her to Canada.

Regardless, BooBoo will soon be reunited with her family with the help of an animal control officer that will be meeting the family at the US-Canada border in Buffalo.

Feature photo courtesy of Jon Culver via Flickr.