Calvin and Taylor sitting in a tree! Ben Affleck and the Nanny!

by Charlie V | Jul 30, 2015 Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik is officially […]

by Charlie V | Jul 30, 2015
Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik is officially ready to relaunch himself as a solo star after signing a new deal with RCA Records. Malik dropped the bomb on fans in March when he quit One D to live the life of a “normal” 22 year old, but it appears he is not ready to walk away from the spotlight just yet after sharing his latest news on Twitter on Wednesday.

Rap icon Dr. Dre is preparing to release his first new album in 16 years this weekend, with new music inspired by his N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, according to his former bandmate Ice Cube. The film Straight Outta Compton (which has a very similar theme to the 90‘s hit Boyz in the Hood) will be released on August 14 in America and hits Europe at the end of next month.

Tom Cruise has revealed plans to return as Ethan Hunt for a sixth “Mission: Impossible,” and production could start as early as next year! Tom made the announcement on Tuesday night’s “The Daily Show,” where he was promoting this week’s launch of “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.”

Justin Bieber apart of the new Ryan Secret Show “Knock Knock Live”, a new reality show where celebs knock on fans doors for the surprise of their lives….In an effort to clean up his image- Justin gave a little boy and his dad a huge surprise!

Calvin Harris might be getting ready to propose to Taylor Swift!

Reports are saying Calvin is shopping around for a ring and is willing to spend $500,000!! These two have only been dating for about 4 months though… is that too soon to get engaged?

Ben Affleck’s rep says he is considering legal action over a story being published in US Weekly today which claims he had an affair with the nanny. Classic story. Ben’s rep released a statement very quickly, which makes us believe he is telling the truth – nothing happened between them.