Can YOU Understand What This Man Is Saying?

Seriously this takes a SHARP ear.

This is a very important question: seriously can you understand what this man is saying?

This TikTok blew UP on the platform amassing thousands of thousands of views, all saying the same thing: seriously what is he saying.

It’s a video of a user’s grandfather from Cornwall who is a rural farmer. He’s showing what’s “wrong” with his tractor:

@maria_warneGranfer was telling me how his light wasn’t working so I could fix it for him before work ❤️ ##agriculture ##generations ##taketime

♬ original sound – maria_warne

Can’t figure it out? Other users did:

“It worked after that for weeks. Heyyy. It was working when we do a bit of things this morning. Hold it up to that.(?) The other flasher works.”

Her Granfer has gone VIRAL and is very popular as a result. Who knew?