Canada Joins EU, US in Expelling Russian Diplomats

Move Comes Following Nerve Agent Attack on Former Spy

The Canadian government is expelling four Russian diplomats. Foreign Affairs announced the step today, that the four staff at the Russian Federation in Canada are being removed from the country, while applications for three more staff have been denied, claiming the move is in solidarity with the United Kingdom over the nerve agent attack of a former spy on British soil. “This is part of a wider pattern of unacceptable behaviour by Russia, including complicity with the Assad‎ regime, the annexation of Crimea, Russian-led fighting in eastern Ukraine, support for civil strife in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and other neighbouring countries, interference in elections, and disinformation campaigns.” says Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, “Canada fervently supports the measures that the United Kingdom has taken so far and remains resolutely committed to acting in concert with its allies.” This comes as fourteen European Union members and the United States move to expel Russian diplomats as well.