Canadian Moms Are Obsessed With Instagram!

And the majority of moms' bios and profiles screams out that we’re loud and proud mommies

According to a Refinery29 survey of 500 Canadian women, 95% of mothers post photos of their children on social media, and one in four upload new images of their kids every single day.

80% of moms who were surveyed identified themselves as moms in their profiles online, and 41% of moms said they share pics of their kids because “it’s an important part of their identity.”

According to a professor of Women’s Health at the University of Waterloo- women put a social value on motherhood that’s connected to identity for women. Social media is a new form of “self-branding”.

Diana Parry, the Prof says “Before the digital age, mothers and their work were not as appreciated or recognized by larger society.”

There is a downside to this practise! While mom’s on Instagram appear to be happy and have it all together- this isn’t actually the case for a lot of moms.

82% of women in our poll say they compare themselves to other moms on social media and 35% admit they always or often have any insecurities around being a mom that stem from social media. 

When asked, what makes moms feel bad about social media, these were the most common responses:


  • Moms feel like other families have more fun
  • That their bodies are as good as other moms
  • that the meals they eat as a family aren’t as “healthy and yummy looking”
  • that they don’t feel as happy as other parents seem to be
  • There’s always someone doing it better than you
Image: Jessica Simpson/Instagram