Canadian Women getting a failing grade in the bedroom!

Perhaps we're not eating enough Oysters!

Ladies, we need to pick up our game!

In a list of nationalities with the “World’s Most Sexually Charged Women,” Canada didn’t even rank!

Scandinavian women are the hottest with the highest sex drives in the world.

Dating website Victoria Milan – which specializes in extramarital affairs – conducted the study by looking at the most active of the 1 million profiles created by women on their site from 20 different countries.

In a statement, CEO and founder of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal says, “The analysis shows that the more comfortable life is and once these elements have been taken care of, women feel powerful and sensual…


In case you’re looking to pick up your game, here’s a list of the hottest Countries!

Top 5 Countries where women have a Very High Sex Drive

Sweden 39%

Norway 35%

Italy 34%

Denmark 34%

Portugal 33%

The List!