Canadians admit to driving with cannabis in system: StatsCan survey

Respondents were surveyed between mid-May to mid-June in the provinces and territorial capitals

Have you driven with someone under the influence of cannabis?

A Statistics Canada survey has found about 1.4 million Canadians reported they had been a passenger in a vehicle driven by someone who had consumed the drug in the previous two hours.

In addition, 1 in 7 cannabis users with a driver’s licence said they had got behind the wheel at least once within two hours of using the drug in the past three months.

Men were nearly two times more likely than women to report this behaviour.

More figures

  • 4.6 million people nationally (16% of Canadians aged 15 and up) reported using cannabis in the prior three-month period
  • 82% also said they probably wouldn’t increase their consumption once pot is legalized

The latest data was collected from mid-May to mid-June and includes data for the provinces, as well as the territorial capitals.