Canadians Need To Eat More French Fries Or Poutine!

Canadians need to do their part! Do you really need a reason to eat more poutine?

Canadians have been asked to eat more French fries as millions of pounds of frozen spuds are in storage.

A decreased consumption of potatoes is putting farmers at risk, as the lockdown has caused people to eat less.

Roughly three-quarters of potatoes consumed in Canada are done so in eateries nationwide.


Currently, companies producing frozen fries are storing them, waiting for the market to reopen. And to make matters worse, producers are running out of freezer space…


Farmers are trying to avoid waist and are donating to food banks, however- there are so many potatoes out there, farmers and producers are scrambling to preserve the veggie which can be stored for up to a year if frozen properly.


Chip sales are up 23 per cent for obvious reasons of people snacking on the comfort food while stuck at home and potato sales at the grocery store are up 60 per cent compared to 2019.



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