Canadians Now Hoarding Maple Syrup!

More is on the way!

I was out picking up a couple of things and noticed that there wasn’t any maple syrup left….

Is it because it lasts a long time and people can keep it in their pantries?  Perhaps its because Canadian’s realized that next to TP- they can’t live without it!


Either way, grocery stores are requesting more shipments of the Canadian treasure from Quebec- which is the world’s largest producer!

Daniel Dufour, head of the Maple Industry Council said that there is concerns that shipping could become difficult in the coming months.  Due to the unpredictability of COVID-19 on the world, grocers are asking for more now, so they don’t run out later!

The U.S. is the biggest buyer of syrup from Canada, followed by Germany and Japan…Good news for those who need their maple syrup… There is no shortage– just like toilet paper there is more on the way…

And The Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers has a strategic reserve filled with 100 million pounds of syrup in case of a shortfall.

Have no fear, about maple syrup!