Canadians of All Income Levels Say Its Getting Harder to Feed Their Families

Almost six-in-ten Canadians (57%) think it’s become more difficult in the last year

A recent poll from the Angus Reed Institute shows a growing concern amongst Canadians of all income levels resulting from rising food prices. While many people cut back on meat and switch brands to save money 2 in 3 say that the government isn’t paying enough attention to the issue.

Key Findings:

  • More than half of all Canadians (57%) say it’s become more difficult to afford to feed their households in the last year. Just 4 per cent say it’s easier
  • In addition to switching to cheaper brands when shopping (71%), two-in-five (40%) say they’ve been choosing less healthy options in the aisle
  • Two-in-three Canadians (63%) say rising food prices haven’t been receiving enough attention from Canada’s leaders, and more than half (53%) say the issue is “one of the most important” facing the country today

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