Canadian’s Start “Caremongering” Trend!

And it's spreading around the world!

Just a few days ago this new term came to light!  “Caremongering” started as a way to help vulnerable people in Toronto and now appears to be spreading…


The first group was set up by Mita Hans with the help of Valentina Harper and others. Valentina said the rapid growth of the trend was far beyond her expectations, with the Toronto group itself now having more than 9,000 members.

Facebook groups have been set up all over the country to offer help within their communities, more so for those who are more at risk of health complications related to Coronavirus.


For what its worth, people all over the world have been stepping up to help others in need, but for us Canadians, helping others has become an organized movement called “caremongering”.


It’s all driven by the power of social media, good deeds are arranged online and using the hashtag caremongering provides people with the link to read about all the good doings across the country.


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