Canadiens Goalie Comforts 11 Year-Old Following Devastating Family Loss

Warning, this may bring tears to your eyes...

It’s simple moments like this that can leave a lasting impact, felt for a lifetime.

Montreal fan Anderson Whitehead lost his Mom to Breast Cancer in November. 11 year-old Anderson is a Habs fan living in Brantford, it was his Mother’s promise before she passed that made this moment even more special. She had said that she would do everything in her power to ensure her son would one day meet his idol, Carey Price. It happened following a Montreal practice at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto on February 28.

Price posed for a picture with Anderson before signing his jersey and giving him two signed sticks and a signed puck.

Star NHL Goaltender Carey Price has put many smiles on the faces of kids. Just before Christmas while playing a game in Chicago he spotted a kid’s sign and tried to follow through. After repeated attempts at tossing the kid a puck, he did one better, a game stick.

I love this stuff!