Candace Cameron Bure announced that she is leaving

I suppose it’s no surprise with “Fuller House” & all. Candace Cameron Bure announced today […]

I suppose it’s no surprise with “Fuller House” & all. Candace Cameron Bure announced today that’s she’s leaving “The View”.

In late October, Raven Symoné announced her departure as well. The host explained that she’s been working with Disney Channel on a follow-up to her previous series.

Candace that due to the success of Fuller House and Halmark Movies and mysteries…She says the commute from East Coast to West Coast weekly has taken a tole and her and her family.  And by the by- Fuller House, season 2 is now available on Netflix!


Donald Trump To Stay On As Executive Producer Of “Celebrity Apprentice”

Donald Trump will keep his job as executive producer on “Celebrity Apprentice.” MGM confirmed the news this week. His role in the show was until this point unknown, aside from the major fact that it is now hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The President-elect will get paid each time an episode airs, which could earn him five-figures.  The show returns to NBC on January 2nd. This year Tyra Banks, Jessica Alba, Warren Buffett, and Steve Ballmer  have been added as advisers. The contestants include Snooki, Laila Ali, Boy George and Jon Lovitz.


Is that a Lion, or are you just happy to see me?

Will Smith has a lion problem…Will caught the giant cat on surveillance video and showed the footage during an appearance on Ellen yesterday. After spotting the lion in his backyard, Smith put his family on lockdown and called the ranger. The Ranger came out and said, “Yup…that’s a lion”…. Smith asked the experts what he could do to keep the big cat away from his property and was told to buy lion urine because there were few other alternatives due to the fact he lives in “a conservation area.”  Smith added, “That’s what they do … Lion urine is, like, $38.99 a gallon … I can see why it would be expensive, because someone has to get it.