Car Parades Are Making Kids Birthdays Extra Special

South Simcoe Police & Innisfil Fire celebrated for a 7 year-old Thursday

During social distancing and isolation many children will be having Birthdays and as parents, we want nothing more than for their day to be special. We all have one thing in common right now, we’re in this together!

Neighbours friends, family and co-workers are all doing what they can to help each other out. Parents, if you reach out and ask for assistance to help make a Birthday wish, the response will be a positive one.

On Thursday, March 26th South Simcoe Police & Innisfil Fire received a call from from a Mom who wanted her 7 year-old to have a special day and this is what happened.

Here are a few ways to involved others in a celebration…

Birthday Parade

Mom & Dad reach out to neighbours, friends and nearby family. Set a time of the day to meet, then drive by the Birthday house, honking, holding signs and waving away!

Driveway Messages

Supply some chalk, placed in a container with a sign notifying neighbours and friends walking by write messages on the driveway. It’s like a giant Birthday card!


Post up signs around the yard, garage doors and in windows asking anybody driving by to, “Honk and wave it’s my Birthday!”