Cardi B Bows Out as Bruno Mars Opener

"I underestimated this whole mommy thing"

Cardi B gave birth to a daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, earlier this month (July 2018). Cardi was to be Bruno Mars’ opening act starting in September, when her child would be about 6 weeks old. But, now she is bowing out saying she “underestimated this whole mommy thing”. She explains that she hasn’t recovered physically yet.  More so, she’s just not ready to leaver her daughter and her doctor says that it’s not healthy to take her tiny girl on tour.

Bruno has responded publicly saying “The most important thing is you and your family’s health.”

When I had my two children, I took a year off after birth for each. I treasure that time.  I cannot imagine having to go on tour a mere SIX weeks after giving birth, putting on a song and dance. Not only was I physically still healing but I would never want to  have to leave my tiny baby. I completely understand what Cardi B is going through and I am happy to hear she is going to take time for herself and her child.