Carrie Underwood Isn’t Happy With The Stanley Cup Final Officiating

And She Took To Twitter To Express Herself

Carrie Underwood is probably the most well known Nashville Predators fan. As pretty much everyone knows, Carrie is married to Preds captain Mike Fisher.

Underwood has been very visible during the Preds playoff run – at every game cheering the Predators on.

Last night Carrie was in Pittsburgh for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals that has the Preds facing off against the Penguins. The Pens seemed in control from the get -go in this one, but Carrie seemed to think their good luck had more to do with reffing than skill. In fact, she took to twitter to express her displeasure with how the game was being called.

The Pens eventually won 4-1, giving them a 2-0 series lead. Game 3 is Saturday in Nashville – no word on if Carrie’s manager actually plans to lock her out of twitter for that one.