Cast Members Share Set Photos From ‘Dirty Dancing’ Remake

Brace Yourself

The ABC reboot of Dirty Dancing is set to hit TV screens on May 24th. In an effort to boost enthusiasm – although I’m not sure who’s actually excited about this to begin with – the cast has started sharing photos on social media.Abigail Breslin, Colt Prattes, Debra Messing and Sarah Hyland have all posted behind the scenes sneak peeks.


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They can post all the sneak peeks they want, but let’s just be real. There is NO WAY this will be as good as the original. There is no topping late 80’s/early 90’s Patrick Swayze. The final dance scene in the original movie is one of the greatest cinematic moments of all time. I dare you to watch this without tearing up:


(Feature Image courtesy of Abigail Breslin/Instagram)