Cat Obsessed With Underpants, Brings Them Home!

This is why you keep cats inside!

Kee Kee the cat has a dark and dirty little secret!


While the cat doesn’t seem too bothered by her addiction, her owner sure is.


Kee Kee the cat is a Klepto… The seven-year-old cat has been bringing home socks, underpants, knickers, and even a Ted Baker bikini!

Kee Kee’s owner, Georgia figures that the cat is sneaking into the neighbour’s homes through open windows and doors in search of her treasures!


The owner Georgia has tried to make it right by posting messages on Facebook with pictures of the stolen knickers trying to explain that her cat did it!

Kee Kee’s owner, Georgia told Metro UK,  ‘She’s crafty and never seems to get caught. She brings things in along the top of the fence and then through three cat flaps before leaving them for us. ‘There was one day wherein the space of half an hour she brought us eight pairs of socks, one at a time.’