Celebrities Know How to do Halloween Costumes

Go big or go home...

Grammy Award winning Adele dressed as a Glamorous Court Jester

Happy Early Halloween & Happy Birthday Gorgeous ❤️

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Cleveland Cavaliers Star, LeBron James dressed as Pennywise the clown is an instant nightmare

Georgie!! Georgie!! #HappyHalloweenFolks 🎈🎈

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Golden State star Steph Curry scarred people for life with his Arena entrance as Jigsaw from the SAW movie series

Recording Artist, Swizz Beatz (clearly not his real name) he and his family pretty much own Halloween

Actress, Kristen Bell agreed to be Elsa whether she likes it or not, she’s rockin’ it!

When your daughter demands you BOTH be ELSA for Halloween…you GRIN AND FORKING BEAR IT. #halloween

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Edmonton Oilers star, Connor McDavid needs to hit the tanning bed a little more for his Donald Trump complexion

My favourite costume goes to Vegas Golden Knights Goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury and his wife as the old school plastic army toys

Happy Halloween 🎃👻

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