Celebrity Doll Ridiculed Because It’s So Bad

If you squint, it might look like him.

Emperis Doll Company has created a limited edition doll of Idris Elba, who was recently chosen as People’s Sexiest Man of 2018. The doll was selling for over $1300 Canadian

It’s too bad the doll looks almost nothing like the handsome and talented actor.



When I saw that photo, I immediately thought “It looks like a black Mr. Bean!” I wasn’t alone. That’ expression is too much!


Others are weighing in with whom they think this doll resembles. … because it certainly isn’t Idris Elba!


The doll seems to have been removed from Emperis Doll’s Facebook page and website but The Independent reports that Emperis Doll said on Facebook that the doll was nearly sold out.

They have other celebrity dolls and they’re actually pretty good likenesses.


Images of Dolls: Emperis Doll on Facebook